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ParTec at the APS March Meeting 2024 with talk about HPC-QC-integration

The March Meeting 2024 of the American Physical Society is one of the biggest and most important scientific conferences with more than 13,000 physicists and students from around the world. 10,000+ abstracts were submitted on topics ranging from condensed matter to quantum physics and the latest in climate physics. ParTec’s quantum engineer Fabian Zwiehoff attended the meeting and gave a talk about the unique integration of component-based quantum systems into high-performance computing environments – a topic that met with great response.

Here are his key messages:

  1. A quantum computer always requires classical compute resources to function.
  2. HPC can benefit from quantum modules as accelerators for certain tasks in a heterogeneous system architecture.
  3. A modular system approach promises flexibility, scalability, and compatibility.

Fabian also gave an outlook on ParTec’s future plans for both custom-engineered and standardized quantum solutions in a modular, component-based approach, which are soon to come.

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